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The editorial staff of Ranieri’s Desk

Andrea Scinetti

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Francesco Andrea Pedrazzini


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Ranieri Domenico Cornaggia


Our story

The first steps on the internet: the TWM YouTube channel

Since this blog tries to encompass more than just a few simple reviews and guides, but also and above all the community, it must be said that the first steps taken on the web were on Youtube, in 2009.

Training and Workout Music (initially created with the name Tabata Workout Music) now includes an international community of more than 25,000 members who, like us, share the love of fitness, in particular Tabata and Functional training.

This blog is also dedicated to them and that’s why they can download for free all the songs that are on the TWM channel, through the dedicated page, consult the training table and even automatically generate new ones.

Tabata Workout Music

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The first reviews on Amazon

The real reason why I decided to launch myself into this further small business is not because I have too much free time to spend besides the medical school I am attending, but it is to give a voice to the more and more numerous reviews that in recent years I have published on the well-known e-commerce portal Amazon.

Although for just over a year in which – almost as a joke – I started to climb the rankings, I understood that we could do better (in this regard I suggest you read: Top Reviewer Amazon: some reflection).

Thus, within a week of the total cancellation of the Amazon reviews, I moved the business and founded Ranieri’s Desk.

This tiny blog, similar to a small piece of land in what I call “the new america” (internet) contains many dreams and realities, but more than anything else I would like it to be something with which to have fun, get information and maybe fall in love .

Because, just like it is said int the movie “The Shawshank Redemption“:

I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy livingor get busy dying

The foundation of the blog

Ranieri’s Desk is a blog born at New Year’s Eve 2017, after months of gestation that no longer seemed to come to an end. But our story is a little more convoluted than it might appear. Once the ideas were collected, I proposed them to my most faithful friends who, willy-nilly, were involved in my experience. Don’t think that what you can read here are just my words. In the past few years passed over the most different platforms I have come to the idea that to do things it takes passion. And it is only by loving yourself and those around us that you can propose an original content. For this reason this blog does not aim to be the best, but to share our experiences, our joys and our failures with the few readers. Because in the end we are all human and this is the only real thing that binds us all.

For other questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us by email at: info@ranierisdesk.com

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