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Are you a company that is looking for testers for your latest product? Or are you a webmaster engaged in a SEO optimization companion on behalf of third parties? Whether you are a private or public entity, we are open to your ideas and proposals!

The blog

Ranieri’s Desk is a little blog born in January, 2018 (more informations at this link) that tries to convey passions, entertain and help other people to realize their projects.

Clearly not part of a niche, we do not aspire to become “experts in the field”, but rather to return opinions, stories and experiences in a way as sincere and simple as possible, exactly as you would among friends.

Our publications are weekly, each of which is inherent in one of the different topics discussed, i.e. technology, fitness, lifestyle and travel.

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Our audience

Ranieri’s Desk is a blog that currently has about 3000 unique users per month (source GA), many of them are men between 25 and 35 years, interested in technology, fitness, travel and many other topics.

90% of our audience is Italian, while a 10% comes from the rest of the world. 80% of our visitors comes to us through organic research.

Our YouTube channel Training and Workout Music (TWM) has an international community with more than 26000 subscribers.

How we can collaborate

Product Review

We are always intrigued and interested in the idea of trying new products and being able to express our opinion freely. Whether it’s a technological gadget, a garden utensil or a book, if we think it’s interesting for our readers and we can test it, why not devote a few hours of our time?

By inserting one or more photo articles and SEO optimization, we are sure that we can find a solution that will satisfy you.

Guest blogging

Do you want to publish an original article that you think might interest the readers of Ranieri’s Desk? Send us your writing, a brief description of who you are and the motivations that lead you to make guest blogging: we will be happy to cooperate with you!

Without these requirements each request will be automatically declined:

  • original content in Italian and/or English
  • at least 500 words in the article
  • The absence of links to sites with a bad reputation (spam, fraudulent, deceitful, …)

Contact us

If this page has not been enough to dispel and clarify your doubts, or if you just want to propose your own idea, you can contact us by mail to: