What is Training and Workout Music (TWM)

Training and Workout Music was born as a Youtube channel in 2009, initially for personal needs: I needed a place where I could always keep simple sounds to listen to during training. Slowly, judging by the popularity that the Tabata is now having, the channel has reached more and more people and this has pushed us to add to it other tools that would allow, for free, to further improve the quality of the training.

Tabata Training (20/10)

But what is Tabata Training? Tabata is a special high-intensity training (HIIT) invented by Dr. Izumi Tabata, at the Institute of Fitness and Sport in Tokyo back in 1996. It consists of 8 rounds each consisting of 20 seconds of training followed by 10 of recovery, for a total of 4 minutes. We recommend4-5 rounds as mentioned.

You choose the single exercise (or multiples) and perform it for the entire duration. These can be for example burpees, squats, shots, etc … the important thing is that they are performed to the maximum of your capacity.

It has been scientifically proven that 3 sessions of 4 minutes per week of Tabata are more effective than 5 hours of running (LISS).

It is also true that in order for this result to be maintained, the training sessions must be performed as conducted in the study, or on a cycloergometer or similar. This does not mean that it is an effective training for aerobic power and endurance strength, even when combined with force movements.

Tabata is a very short workout, but a tough one. Can be practiced with friends with or without tools.

Functional Training (60/20)

In addition to the Tabata we also offer songs for Functional Training, with longer intervals. These exercises are always inherent in the world of HIIT. A single workout consists of 12 rounds: 1 minute of exercisefollowed by 20 seconds of rest for a total of 16 minutes. Everything must be repeated from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 times. At each round you change exercise, in order to hit every muscle, achieving a balance between cardio and anaerobic work. Choosing and thinking about a Functional Training training circuit that makes sense might seem fun, but even if you do it habitually it takes a long time. For this you can consult for free the dedicated section to discover already structured workouts we have tried! Training and Workout Music also allows you not to use a particular phone or apps that beat time. Listen to your favorite music and give it your best workouts!

Musica per allenamento

Scarica le canzoni che trovi sul canale (inclusi extra bloccati da YouTube!)

HIIT Workout Generator

Genera automaticamente e istantaneamente un allenamento per functional training

Piani di allenamento

Scopri nuove idee per personalizzare le tue sessioni e aumentare il tuo divertimento

Become an active part of the community!

If you also practice these workouts or are interested in working with us, do not hesitate to contact us by writing an email to info@ranierisdesk.com. At the same addressyou can forward your musical requests(always very welcome!).

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