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New: discover the new workout generator for Functional Training(usable also for Tabata): HIIT Workout Generator.
You can download all the songs you want for free. Here you can find all the training music originally created and currently present (accompanied with a video) on our Youtube channel “Training and Workout Music“.

This page also contains files that are not accessible through Youtube (because they are censored). This training music was born to satisfy the requests of the many who asked us where it was possible to download the tracks.

High quality files

The file you will get is:

  • in univarsal format (.mp3);
  • in high quality (mostly at 320 Kbps);
  • usable as you want (courses, at home, etc.);
  • free of other annoying sounds(such as channel intro).

It is thereforeeasy to load on any storage device (usb/cd/etc…) so that it can be reproduced without any problem from any stereo system, mobile phone, pc, mac and ipod.

How to use these songs

We are proud of the progress made so far and with this page we hope to further help those who train withTabata Training and Funcional Training (HIIT). For anyone who does not know what is Functional Training can find a brief but effective description on this page (also complete with a workout that you can perform right away!).

For those who do not know what the Tabata Training is, I leave a video (in English, but easily understandable) that explains in detail what it is and why it is talked about so much. You can find ithere. Alternatively you can consult the TWM landing page: Training and Workout Music

I recommend to buy headphones specifically recommended for sports or, even better, a small but portable speaker (maybe waterproof) to always be able to listen to music!

HIIT Workout Music (60/20)

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Tabata Workout Music (20/10)

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